Hi there! I’m so glad to cross paths with you on your soul’s journey. I’m Nia and I’m an intuitive tarot reader, artist, engineer, thinker, and many other things. In this space, I like to use my meditative, artistic, and spiritual practices along with the Tarot to guide others along their life’s path. I don’t claim to know all of the answers of the universe, but I use my intuition to channel messages through Tarot and deliver them to you. I love performing readings for questions that center you and your experience, and questions that help you align with your highest self. Tarot is the tool that I’ve chosen to use, but in readings for myself and as I read for others, I like to share the reminder that the perceived magic of the Tarot lies within you.

Though my favorite types of readings have to do with questions that deepen the connection one has to themselves, I’m also open to readings centering romantic relationships, friendship changes, life transitions, working through past experiences, and more. My main goal is that through connecting with you and taking your questions to the cards, I can help shed a new perspective on your situation and empower you to realize that the key to overcoming anything is to pause, listen to your inner voice, and take the action you best see fit. You hold more agency and personal power in any situation than you think, so my main goal is to remind you of that as you continue along your journey.

This site is where I share long form posts on the Tarot and related topics, and you can follow my Instagram for shorter snippets of my thoughts (and the occasional 1-2 card reading in my story). If you’re interested in booking a reading with me, keep reading!

Books open for Tarot readings

Check out the services page for the types of readings I’m offering! Currently, you can start the booking process by emailing me at tarotdesetoiles@gmail.com. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Recent Posts:

Cancer Full Moon, 12/29/2020

The Chariot is sometimes a tricky energy for me to work with, especially when I’m feeling the pull to move forward but I’m not sure which way “forward” actually is. When there’s a 360 degree view of all the ways I could go, all of the options feel like no option at all. Or in…

The Great Conjunct: Learning How to Say “Yes”

How can I say “yes” to myself more often? A full bodied, enthusiastic, consuming, YES!, to myself, my desires, my pleasure, and the ways that I want to move through and expand in this world.  Jupiter and Saturn coming together makes me think of expansion with discernment. Expansion with boundaries so that I know what’s…

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